Copper-Zinc Alloy C22600 | Brass Extrusion Manufacturing for AC Rotors 

UNS C22600 Copper-Zinc Alloy has high corrosion resistance, free machining properties, and good welding capabilities. C22600 is a superb alloy for brass extrusion manufacturing. It is generally available in the form of rods for rotor bar applications. Among other copper-zinc alloys, the composition of C22600 copper-zinc is notably stronger than copper-zinc alloy C22000, making it a top choice in the plumbing, industrial, and electrical industries.

Material Specifications for Copper-Zinc Alloy C22600—ASTM B36, B134 & SAE J461 & more


  • ASTM B134- Standard Specification for Brass Wire
  • ASTM B36- Standard Specification for Brass Plate, Sheet, Strip, And Rolled Bar
  • SAE J461- used for cast copper alloys to maintain the electrical and thermal conductivity properties, mechanical properties, yield strength, fatigue characteristics, formability, and machinability of these alloys
  • SAE J463- Specifications for Wrought Copper and Copper Alloys

Choosing Copper Alloy C22600 for all Copper-Zinc Castings

C22600 has good deep draw properties, is malleable, is moderate conductivity, and has good strength. C22600 is excellent in soldering and brazing. For more information about Copper Alloy C22600, head over to Electric Materials’ Alloy Data Sheet to start learning more!

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